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Easter 2009: The Lord is Risen!

Posted by nouspraktikon on April 12, 2009

Yes the Lord still works miracles!

I had the nicest Easter in recent memory today.   First of all, it was a glorious day all day long.  We are in the middle of cherry blossom season here in Japan, and none of the trees were stinting their blossoms under the bright cloudless sky.  Blue and pink!  Pretty nice Eastern Easter colors.

The pastor at the church I attended said that the church itself was a kind of miracle of persistance.  Attendence had dwindled down to the parabolic “two or three” neccessary for the Presence.  But as Pastor Schneburger said, it only takes two or three to witness a resurection!  There were three baptisms in the morning and by the time of the service there were ten members present.  That’s what the Jews call “a minyan” i.e. a quorum for worship.  Not a mega church to be sure, but a candle which is no longer flickering, but buring brightly.

What makes this church unique is its ecuminism.  Its order of worship is based on the Lima and Taize liturgies…i.e. Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant “fusion.”  Denominational affiliation?  Baptist!  Yes, High Liturgical Baptist.  As I said, the Lord still works miracles!


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