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Two Cheers for Sarah Palin!

Posted by nouspraktikon on July 10, 2009

And three if she gives up for good on trying to force entry into a political class that hates her, and would only accept her at the price of a “total makeover.”  We have already seen what that total makover would involve, assimilation of neoconservative talking points, more nationalism (as opposed to Alaskanism), playing up the feminist angle, playing down religion and traditional values.

I have made it clear in the past that I am not a hard-core fan of Sarah Palin.  Not that any of the trip-wires which touch off the orgy of hatred for her in the liberal press give me any trouble.  So what if she is a moosehunter?  So what if she is a small-town girl?  So what if she was a kind of baked Alaskan version of Ms. Prejean during her salad days?  I don’t even mind her being a Pentacostal-Evanglical.  If she were a Pentacostal-Evangelical theologian it would be one thing…but a Pentacostal-Evangelical politician?  We can live with that.  What we couldn’t have lived with is a Sarah Palin who had become a sock puppet for the neoconservative think tanks and lobbyists in and around Washington DC..

Possibly…just possibly, because the drama has yet to play itself out, Sarah Palin has done what libertarians always talk about but never do…she has resigned her membership in the political class.  Or, to be brutally frank, she as withdrawn her (rather stale) application form.  If true this would be an act of heroism, as heroism was defined by Murray Rothbard and Ayn Rand.  The political class would never let “Sarah be Sarah”…and when it came time to do the sacrifice she yielded up her career rather than her identity.  With most politicians (Ron Paul and a few oddballs excepted) the decision is made early on to sacrifice values for power.  So two cheers for Sarah!

But only two cheers, not three.  The question is, what’s next?  I think her best option would be to start her own organization…there are many people who love Sarah Palin, and want to see her fulfill her destiny in the great scheme of things.  These people would be glad to become contributors and even staff members.  She has names and contacts…and yes, she also has a mind.

This latter needs to be emphasised because the mainstream press has done such a thourough smear job with its incessant portrayal of Mrs. Palin and her family as trailer trash of the most inferior breed.  Yes, candidate Palin said some pretty stupid things on the stump, but you  don’t have to be a Sigmund Freud to understand that smart people say the dumbest things sometimes.  The frequent informational gaffes were less an index of Sarah’s IQ than a subconcious contempt for the world outside of Wassila.  Well, we all have had to grow up, and Sarah Palin has done a lot of growing.  Her decision to take a sabbatical from politics is indicative of a high Emotional Q…which trumps IQ in everything but the hard sciences.

She needs to move to the east coast where she is not handicapped by time and distance, and then she needs to hit the books.  The international world has to become real to her…as real as it is to Barrack Obama who was born into internationalism.   If that means hitting the books like a schoolgirl, then that’s what I’d advise.  In fact I’d volunteer to stand over her with a birch stick until she remembered all the names of the countries, their capitals, and their heads of state.  After all Sarah, we are advocates of traditional values and education, arn’t we?

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