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I Protest (-ant) the Royals!

Posted by nouspraktikon on April 22, 2011

I am afraid that my brief fling with monarchism is over. I was so head over heals with Hans Herman Hoppe’s denunciations of statism in its democratic guise that I was willing to bend a knee to a lord who was not the Lord. Idolatry is always a bad mistake…especially when it is “American Idol (-atry)” It should have been a warning sign when ex-Judge Simon professed his monarchism on CNN, which after all is his perfect right as a Brit to do. But it is one thing to idolize young talented singers or dancers with the stars, and another thing when Americans…who know next to nothing about the Revolutionary War, let alone the War of 1812, when the redcoats finally got around to burning our (admittedly previously non-existence) capital to the ground…when such “Americans” get all google eyed over a royal wedding.

I am thinking of sending a letter to Rowan Williams announcing my formal break with Anglicanism. The problem is that these liberal bishops are all such nice types. As Will Rogers said, its hard to hate a man you’ve met…and I had the fortune/misfortune of meeting the charming Canturbury prelate last year. But this anglian and anglophile stuff has to stop, and better sooner than later. The people who call themselves Anglicans in the US are really disgruntled Episcopalins, who have seen the light on the topic of theological liberalism. What that means is that they are either on the road to Rome or on the road to integrating themsleves with the Evangelical mainstream. What it doesn’t mean is Anglophile schmaltz. Probably it is good that the House of Windsor is now competing with Lindsey Lohan and Lady Gaga for prime time, or this issue would not have been forced in such a dramatic fashion.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention that it is Good Friday? So lets put this public…and our own private…foolishness away and meditate on the Cross!


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