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Pico Orientalis is just another pretentious name for your’s truely, Mark Sunwall, an always gentleman and sometimes scholar living and working as an American expat in the Far East. Having studied “straight” anthropology in the early part of my life, I have become increasingly interested in mystical and religious understandings of the human condition. Indeed, it was this which made me a sojourner to the East in the first place. None the less I have concluded that the West (i.e. Christianity in all its varied forms) is where the real action is in terms of spirituality, just as the East is increasingly where the action is in terms of economics. Economics? Oh yes, I studied economics too…in its only surviving form of “Political Economy” i.e. The Austrian School. Today I don’t do much in that department, but it colors my politics, which is to say that I am a libertarian/paleoconservative.

Paleoconservative? One should watch out what one wishes for. Long, long ago I had a day dream in which I saw myself as a Confucian mandarin during the 17th century. Today, through an unlikely conjuction of coincidences, I find myself working for a regional government in a country still influenced by the afterefects of 儒教!

The moniker Pico Ultraorientalis refers back in a complimentary way to G. Pico della Mirandola, the Renaisance philosopher and Christian Kabbalist. However this blog is in no way intended to be a scholarly discussion forum for Giovanni P. d. M. for that see hereand for an extended view of the archtypal Renassance Man seethis article on him at the Stanford Ecyclopedia of Philosophy.

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